Global note on tablets


Shouldn’t the global note be visible on tablets?
The global note is currently only visible in a web browser. I thought I had already seen the Global Note in the tables, but maybe I just remembered it wrong.

Ver. 21.06.2 (build 31490)

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Hello Martin,

the global note was never visible on the tablets, afaik. It was serving as a mechanism for communicating between the server administrator and HQ/Supervisors.

What is the practical scenario that you want to see it on the tablets?

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For example, I thought I could tell the interviewers when the server would be maintained or when synchronization would be unavailable. I can, of course, send information about this by e-mail. I just didn’t understand what it’s for right now, because the interviewer can only see the global note in a web browser.

Thanks for explaining.
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It is a good practice to inform the field staff when the system is down for maintenance. Yet, the message should probably be delivered using an alternative system (like per email) so that the interviewers can receive it also when the server is already shut down for maintenance.

Funny enough, you can simulate the functionality you desire.
Consider a questionnaire with one question:

INTERVIEWER: Confirm that you’ve read the following message: “The server will be shut down for maintenance from 00:01am untill 03:59am on Saturday 13th, November 2021” (YES/NO)

Then make the assignments based on this questionnaire (to every interviewer) and the next time they synchronize, they will get the message.

  • one advantage is that you can get feedback of WHEN the interviewers have read the message, such as if you wish to proceed with maintenance works only after everyone has synchronized, or confirmed receiving the message.
  • one disadvantage is of course that the message doesn’t have any prominent significance, and can be easily LEFT UNNOTICED if you also make some N real survey assignments as well.

Perhaps, you can even implement this notification sending via API? Give it a try, do let us know how it went.

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This is good idea. However, I think it is better for us to send this kind of information by e-mail. As you said, the message doesn’t have any prominent significance, but one more thing, after answering this questionnaire and synchronizing, they will lose information, so interviewers will still have to write this information somewhere else.