Getting the names of activities in a roster by referring to a question in an earlier section


I have a question where I have the names of the other activities of an establishment and all this other activities are preloaded so for example if the Establishment have 3 other activities it is preloaded in three questions for the enumerators to see and verify. Now my question is how can I use the names of the other activities in a different section within the same questionnaire for example in the income section I want the names of the other activities to be displayed. The question in the other section is a numeric roster where the input is the number of other activities in that establishment so for each other activities I want the name to be displayed referring to the names of the other activities in the earlier section. How can I do that?

Thank you

Hello Tshering,

Will give you the name of the activity with rowcode n. Numbering starts from 0.

To display it, first assign it to a variable (String) then include as part of your question with %substitution%.

Best, Sergiy

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Thank you sergiy but my activities are not rosters because these are information already preloaded based in the earlier listing so these are individual questions in one section(preloaded activities) . However I want the names of these activities on my roster in another section where I take the number of activities as the number of roster rows and I want to have the names of each activities (from the previous preloded information) listed along with the activities. Is that possible?