Getting error after reject interviews are completed

Dear SS team,
I rejected some interviews from my HQ account tomorrow, they corrected it and send it back to me today.

So the problem is it shows a huge amount of errors in the interviews(e.g 51,89 errors etc) I don’t understand why i am getting these errors while the error fields are correct values.
Our enumerators have the older version of interviewer app.

Dear Ridhima,

Could You please specify the server You use?

Best regards,
Survey Solutions Support Team

Dear Ridhima,

We are working under this issue right now.
Hotfix build is in progress.
All clients who imported questionnaire with release 18.06 of Designer should reimport questionnaire in 18.06.1 of designer when hotfix will be ready.

I will let you know.

Best regards,

Survey Solutions team support