Getting a .tpk file

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I want To know how can i Get the .tpk file.

If your vendor does not offer maps in TPK format directly, you can commonly convert your data from a different format to TPK following instructions, such as in this tutorial based on USGS data:

Thank you very much for your help. I’am going to try it.

I want, please to know too,

for the using of the shapefile as described here: Shape file overlay
I have created the folder WorldBank/Shared/ShapefileCache/ on the tablet and i send the .shp, .dbf, .prj, .cpj and other type of formats in the folder.
But when i want to use the map of the shapefile, i can’t download it in the interview.

You can see the screenshot in attachment

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So what happens when you click ’Load Shapefile’?

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Nothing’s happens when I click

The shape file sizes look very small (if those are bytes). Try a different shapefile that represents a known territory, large enough to be recognized on the world map.

If that other file works - then the issue is likely with your original file, of which we know no details.
If that other file also doesn’t work - then the issue is likely with the folder name, file access permissions, or something else along these lines.