Get the list of all rosters to reuse in a single select question

I have a questionnaire at destination to fishermen, we ask them on their fishing tool (multiselect roster), within fishing tools, on seasons (list roster in multiselect roster) of the tool use, and geographic question on fishing places (list roster in list roster in multiselect roster).
I want to avoid to draw again fishing places if the place already have a drawn in another tool or season.
Is there a way to, for example, reuse all the name of places already drawn in a single select question ? to ask which is the name of the place already drawn ?

Hello @JonasBrouillon ,

perhaps you could ask “Where do you fish?” first, then use the provided list in a linked question in all levels where you need to pinpoint location. Try not to over-do it with the nesting. Your interviewers will tell you ‘Vinaka!!’.

We’ve discussed this left and right with Philip James and as I understand he is just across the island from you at SPC/Noumea.

Perhaps make that questionnaire public?

Best, Sergiy

Hello @sergiy
Thanks for your answer ! Here is the questionnaire
I tried to ask a single select question (Engins de pêche/zone_engin_bis) with answers provided by another list question : Engins de pêche/engin_zones.
The probleme is that this display only the levels of my current roster, so only the places drawn for this tool, but i don’t find the way to retrieve all answers for all roster for this question, from the previous tool for example.
And yes, your assumption on my location is good !
Thank you
Best, Jonas