Get start and end time for the interview


I wanted to directly retrieve the date of the beginning and end of the interview.
As with ODK Collect, there are the variables START and END, which allow you to retrieve this information automatically

Is there an equivalent with survey solution

  1. no, but these timestamps are available in the interview__actions files once the data is exported.
  2. kindly point to the ODK documentation where these variables are explained.

Two supplements to Sergiy’s excellent answers:

  1. If you add a date question with the current time option to the beginning and end of the interview, you can have these variables.
  2. Survey Solutions may, helpfully, give you multiple start and end times for interviews. With ODK, an interview is a linear process: start the interview; end the interview; and do not return to revise. Hence, there is probably only one start and one end time. With Survey Solutions, an interview may be iterative: interviewer completes the interview initially, supervisor rejects the interview, interviewer revises/comments the interview; etc. Hence, Survey Solutions captures this rich information. If the analyst, wants the ODK-style start and end times. they can be extracted from the interview__actions file. The end time will be the last Completed status for each interview. If the analyst wants a richer view, those richer process data are there.
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