GET API to download interviews in a range of dates


I have been trying to use APIs to download the interviews from my questionnaire

In order to download all the interviews I use the following get and it works correctly
/ api / v1 / export / {exportType} / {id $ version}

To obtain the interviews by state I use the following, but with certain states it does not generate the expected interviews
/ api / v1 / export / {exportType} / {id $ version}? status = {status}

But what I really want is to be able to use start and end dates to be able to download specific interviews I have tried with the following but it does not work, any suggestions?
/ api / v1 / export / {exportType} / {id $ version}? status = {status} & from = {startdate} & to {enddate}

I have used the following guide:!/Export/Export_Get

I’d appreciate your help


You just posted the actual download query, just to be on the same page:

Make sure that you do not forget to indicate the action you want to query first

  • start (Request the file to be rebuild on the server)
  • details (Status of the export data file)
  • cancel (Well…cancel the rebuild)

After you have started the rebuild you can leave the action empty which will request to download the data.

Below my API that I just ran which worked fine:


Keep in mind that end&startdate are in UTC format and do not forget the second “=” for the end date: &to=2019 which I didn’t see in your query.

Give it a try and let us know if it works.

Hey @peterbrueckmann,
try the way you tell me I get the following

Hey @wv700033,

If you use the browser for APIs make sure you have some sort of JSON formatter installed as a plugin (see some information here. But I have never used a browser for APIs, so others might be more able to assist you. I for example use R to work with the SurSol API.


Thank you,
We usually use POSTMAN but the result is the same as the POST method with the action Start to generate and generate the document of the use and the method GET the Details action to show them and be able to download it, I do not know the waiting time of the generation of the file to export.
The consumption status of the api is successful but it does not download :frowning:

It is helpful to attach an image where I see that the export never starts and the process has not been executed


  1. So the GET - details command is successful.
    However, the result of this request indicates that your POST - start request was not successful as ExportStatus: "NotStarted "– signals that the server hasn’t been requested yet to produce an export file based on the specified questionnaire and format (described here).
    Please share the POST - start request.

  2. Regarding the error message you shared earlier:
    “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below”
    This is a problem that I came across as well while exporting the Interviewer Team List (Server HQ -> Teams and Roles -> Interviewers -> Download Report as XLSX, CSV or TAB). The Survey Solutions Team is aware of that issue and are working on a fix afaik.
    Maybe this browser-server communication issue and the problem that @wv700033 reports are related @sergiy?