Geography Point question : latitud and longitude in reverse order

My questionnaire has a Geography Point question named ubicacion_up.

The issue we are experiencing is that the exported data file presents the coordinates indicating latitude and longitude in reverse order. For example, the exported data says -89.23754759480727,13.470365791547284 , but it should be 13.470365791547284, -89.23754759480727

Here part of the exported data file:

Generally speaking it is still a choice whether to write latitude or longitude first. Akin to mathematical notation (x,y) and KML standard, Survey Solutions writes longitude first when writing paradata.

Survey Solutions used to display the longitude first in the interface as well (as evidenced by some older screenshots), but this has been changed (see ticket). The change made the coordinates presentation in line with the Google maps, used to depict the location from these coordinates in the browser.

Exported data may be transformed and a number of utilities exist for this purpose if the desired format is different from direct Survey Solutions output.

See, for example, geotools commands in Stata:

  • geoutils ccombine
  • geoutils cbreak
  • geoutils fold
  • geoutils unfold
  • geoutils cswapvar

(slides 10-13 here).

We will update the documentation to reflect the order of latitude and longitude coordinates in those places where their meaning depends on the order.

Having some sanity checks in the user code on ranges of values should help to catch reverse order of the coordinates, if we ever revise the order (which is rather undesirable, precisely because this change may be breaking legacy users’ code).

Hope this helps, Sergiy Radyakin