Geographic Information Management and Geo-Referencing

Scenario: Our Organization makes extensive use of geographical information to assist the fieldwork. In general, questionnaires includes several files with satellite images, and geographical shapes (raster and vector files) to help interviewers to find the right place and to gather geographical details when collecting the statistical data. Sometimes, the use of GPS alone is neither possible nor enough.


The interviewer in a remote location without access to any communication network or GPS access may have to mark a geographical point on a printed map that later on the electronic system the interviewer must indicate to obtain the coordinates of the place.

The coordinates provided by the GPS on real-time are not precise enough to mark some geographical features or to measure a small lot, this is solved by pointing the place on a screen presenting a geodesically corrected map.

The interviewer detects changes in the cartography that is initially provided and suggests updates to it through operations done directly on the cartography presented.

The interviewer makes a survey about the existence or non-existence of different characteristics of the place such as ramps for the disabled, public luminaries, public transport stops, etc. that are handled in different geographical layers requiring multiple polygons.

The names of the streets and address numbers are presented to the interviewer so he can verify them by confirming or correcting the information presented

  1. Functionalities to handle cases like the mentioned in the examples have not been found in the system. Could you tell us if the system Survey Solutions has ways to meet these needs?

Have a look at the geography question.