Functionality of different elements in the survey

Dear SuSo,

I was wondering if we could have the following options:
Calendar/date option:

  • The calendars can be a bit of a challenge to scroll back many months. would it be possible to have a way to also enter a date and have it still as a calendar date and not just text?
  • also is it possible to use a single calendar to do a date range or to highlight multiple ranges - For example if I’m asking about harvests and there are multiple harvest cycles per year, could one calendar incorporate the different cycles?

I am not sure what you are asking. Please provide some drawing or better explanation for the functionality you are proposing.

On the month scrolling. Typically, tapping on a month in calendar opens up a month selector, tapping on a year opens up a year selector.

Use 2 date questions to pick the interval. Validate that the end is after the beginning.

For scrolling, consult your OS manual. Absolutely every one of them has the way to input it without excessive scrolling. But how exactly to do it depends on thd android os version and tablet manufacturer.


For your first point, are you thinking of something like the fields you find for credit card expiration date on e-commerce sites–that is, the user enters a date into a text field, but the field only accepts text that corresponds to a valid calendar date?

For your second point, I second Sergiy’s suggestion. But are you thinking of something like this (sourced from If so, what use cases do you see? Are there any that two date questions would not serve?


Sorry for the long absence - In the example there is two ways to do the dates - at the top by changing Mon 12/24 and 12/28/18 or by selecting the calendar dates on the calendars. The challenge I had been having was that we were looking to incorporate the days that a farming practice was undertaken - which may span either weeks, or several dates (continuous or discrete) that would be like multiple choice questions.

In the data analysis, we want to be able to pull in the weather during certain activities to see if it ties to failures in production. the challenge had been in finding the right dates and making sure that it was presented as a range in the questionnaire.

OK. This is clear. You want to select either a date range or multiple (potentially non - sequential) dates.

To help find a date, you want to be able to enter one or more components of a date (rather than scroll through the calendar).