Full list of options in a categorical combo box is not visible

I am encountering a problem in viewing the full list of options, set in a single/multi-select categorical using combo box display. The no of options uploaded into the category are within the permitted limits (Survey Solutions Limits).
Requesting some one to clarify the cause for the invisibility of rest of the options in a combo box.


The combo box control, as far as I remember, only displays the first 50 options. Once any text is entered, the combo box output will update to display matching results, up to 50. Does that help?

Yes, it is helpful. I guess, to ease the use of search feature, the investigator will have to have a hard copy of all the available options (if their count exceeds 50, in some cases it is displaying 22 options only from the list).


It’s a filter, not a search - as you type, only options with that text in them are shown (up to 50).

I would think that the only time having the full list (especially hard copy) is useful/preferred is when you want to read all the information contained. But if the user looks at the list with a prior information - i.e. something to search, then typing few letters and immediately getting the large list reduced to much smaller subset sounds much preferred.

You want to also avoid the behavior when a person finds first ‘candidate’ answer, while simply scrolling the full list and stops there, instead of see the rest of the list in case there is a better matching answer.