Font size not working on the app

Using the font tag to set color and size. Color works but the size does not change.

<font size="6" color="blue">Some text</font>

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

Don’t know. Need more details.


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@vitalii So the font size only works in CAWI? With CAPI, I can only use small, normal and big? Thank you. That was not clear in the documentation. Thanks for the link.

@sergiy , this didn’t work in the tablet. So I guess it only works in CAWI.

@viniamarciano , note how the demo example shows this differently for CAPI and CAWI modes and the comment: “In CAWI we can apply all the decorations available for tablets (CAPI), but we have a much more flexible text size control”, so context matters.

For tablets use the and tags to make text bigger or smaller:

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Thanks, @sergiy . Got that. Why do I feel that you think am stupid :laughing: My bad, I have been referring to the documentation at docs.mysurvey since I started testing survey solutions and haven’t checked out the demo forms. Am just starting to switch from ODK, Enketo and SurveyCTO to Survey Solutions. Apologies.