Flexible rosters


I would like to replicate as closely as possible this piece of Survey CTO code in survey solutions, ie this is a roster but there is no initial list or multiple answers question after answering questions for one item, we simply ask if there is another item to add, and so on.

select_one yesno br11 BR.11 Have you borrowed money for your household or your business from any other source in the past 12 months ?
begin group borrowedother
note borrowedothernote Instruction to surveyor: Select “Add Group” for each additional source that the respondent has borrowed from in the past 12 months.
begin repeat borrowedotherrepeat
select_one yesno borrowedotherrepeatconfirm Add a new group?
begin group borrowedotherrepeatconfirmed
select_one lenders br12 BR.12 Which source?
text br12_ospec Specify the other source from which you have borrowed
integer br13 BR.13 How much did you borrow from this source in the past 12 months?
end group borrowedotherrepeatconfirmed
end repeat borrowedotherrepeat
end group borrowedother

What is the best way to replicate this is survey solutions?


I will try to be not biased but this ‘code’ doesn’t seem intuitive at all!

Irrespective of software/technical implementation, it may still be conceptually better to keep all options ‘visible’ to the user, so that fieldworkers (have to) go through entire list of sources (how many do you have?) and ask whether that source was used and if yes, how much was borrowed. This way you avoid the situation when data are under-reported because fieldworker/responded forgot any specific source.

So on the UI, it may be simply two questions per source - categorical yes/no and numerical amount (with enablement condition depending on ‘yes’). This should not be too difficult to design, although some copy-paste in the designer will be involved, but will give single-level questionnaire page that can be easily scrolled.
Alternatively, you can have a fixed roster with sources as row codes and two columns with yes/no and amount questions. You will save little bit of design time but the interviewer ui will be buttons per group/source with two questions inside and extra click to go in/out.

Hope this helps.

Dear Lorraine,

see an example section “Activities Journal” in the “Public example User questions and common patterns”:https://solutions.worldbank.org/questionnaire/details/04b421596f0443e88cd99ec0538d89ff/chapter/e461b750e2bfc37e0f9b222663202a72/group/e461b750e2bfc37e0f9b222663202a72 questionnaire. It shows how we can keep on asking about activities until the respondent says there is no more. We use this when the activities may repeat and you are interested in each episode.

If the activities were not repeating then a fixed roster by activity or an MCQ-triggered roster would be a better design.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Thanks to both.
The “Activities Journal” section is pretty much what I was looking for. We do have a list of creditors with a MCQ-triggered roster, but we wanted to add another roster if there are any other person our respondent has borrowed money from in the past 12 months and wanted to make sure to exhaust the list so the Activities journal will be very helpful for this.

Thanks again.