Flags for interviewers

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Is there perhaps a solution or a work around to the following scenario?

Once an interviewer has completed their interview(s) and up-synced the Interview(s) back to their responsible Supervisor, the interview(s) need to be re-assigned to the appropriate section (Supervisor accounts) depending on what was answered in certain questions.

Currently I can’t find any way for the interviewer to put a flag within the interview, which can be quickly looked up by their responsible Supervisor using filters, to indicate to which section (Supervisor accounts) the Interview(s) has to be re-assigned to.

I thought of adding Supervisor level Categorical: Single-select questions (‘supervisor1_action’ - Yes=1, No=2 and ‘supervisor2_action’ - Yes=1, No=2) and based on certain outcome of the interviewer question(s) to set this Supervisor level question ‘supervisor1_action = 1’ or ‘supervisor2_action = 1’ and then the responsible Supervisor can quickly look up this ‘flag’ by using the ‘For Supervisor’ filter, but I can’t find a way to Set another question within the Questionnaire. Is there a way to do this and how or is there another work around to set flags by the Interviewer to make it easy and quick for the responsible Supervisor to decide on actions based on answers within the Interview(s) without having to scroll through the entire Interview looking at what was captured in order to decide to which section this Interview as to be re-assigned to.

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Eugene Ehlers

Dear Eugene,

Interviewers can leave comments on tablet. After they complete an interview - it can be looked through by Supervisor. Supervisor can use filters (comments filter is among them).

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Survey Solutions Team support

Hi Aleksandra,

Thank you for your response. Just to get back to my initial message, out of interest sake, is it possible to set a question value based on a validation condition within the questionnaire.

Say for instance I have two Categorical: Single-select questions, first one being ‘gender’ (Male=1 , Female=2) and second one being ‘valid’ (Yes=1, No=2). If I select ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ is it possible to set the ‘valid’ question like valid = 1 or valid = 2 based on the outcome of the ‘gender’ question?

Eugene Ehlers


First, it is not possible to set a question value. ever. if you calculate the answer yourself it is not a question. your interviewer doesn’t ask it and the respondent doesn’t answer it. Hence indeed “…but I can’t find a way to Set another question within the Questionnaire.” is the case.

That said, you can use a calculated variable, in which you can specify a way to calculate the result. For example:

AGE = IsAnswered(bday) ? FullYearsBetween(bday, intdate) : agequestion

Second, it is not clear what you are trying to do. Please explain why not display an error message to the interviewer right away?

Third, you wrote “…to decide to which section this Interview as to be re-assigned to.” What does this mean in the Survey Solutions context?

Best, Sergiy Radyakin