Flag/tag an interview file at supervisor and HQ level

Hi Survey Solutions Team

It would be great to have the ability to flag or tag entire interviews on the supervisor and HQ level and to filter flagged/tagged interviews. Currently when reviewing interview files one can immediately accept or reject files, but one cannot mark suspicious files/files that need to be looked at by somebody else/files that had been rejected many times, etc. One has to keep external records of those files to organize the work stream.

If files could be flagged similar to questions inside the interview, or ideally be assigned multiple tags it would help current QA processes and allow creation of more complex work streams, e.g.

  1. supervisors could flag a file before rejecting. When the file is marked as complete again and becomes available for the supervisor, the supervisor can then distinguish between a newly submitted interview file and those that have been flagged.

  2. a supervisor that is not entirely sure about an interview could apply a tag “review industry code” to an interview file. At HQ, all interview files with that tag are reviewed by one person and corrections are made.

  3. at HQ, interview files that appear suspicious in the review process are tagged as “suspicious”. A dedicated data reviewer can then investigate those cases further (e.g. by conducting short re-interviews over the phone).

  4. HQ could only review tagged files if they do not have the person power available to review all files

For this to work, each level (supervisor/HQ) would have to be able to flag/tag files, and only remove those flags/tags that were added by an equal or lower level. A list of allowed tags could be defined and managed at HQ level. Tags would have to be visible in the interview list on the server/supervisor app, and there would have to be a filter to filter files by tags/flag.