Find/Replace function

I would suggest, the inclusion of a function for editing the questionnaire to do the search and replacement of text contained in a section, macro, subsection and not in the entire questionnaire.
In copying paste of an full section could be very useful in renaming the variable names, rules, conditions and filters.
Thank you

Copy section to a temp blank questionnaire, use a global replace, then paste the modified section to the original questionnaire replacing the original section.

Seconding this suggestion and expanding the idea:

  1. Restrict scope of find/replace to one or more fields (e.g., question text, validation, conditions, etc.)
  2. Execute batch find/replace operations (e.g. s01q02 -> s01q03, s01q03 -> s01q04, etc.)

Point 1 would help restrict changes to desired field(s) only. Point 2 would help with the unfortunately common scenario where someone adds a question and all questions need to be renumbered.

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Thank you very much for the trick