Filters getting removed in HQ

While approving interviews, if I have any filters selected, these filters get reset after every approval. It would make sense to keep the filters.

I had filtered the interviews by approved by supervisor and every time I approve an interview, I start with the list of all interviews.

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Also, it would be very convenient if I could directly go to the next interview after approving or rejecting an interview.

Maybe this will help: use Shift+MouseWheelClick on interview key to open the interview in a new window. Once you finish reviewing that interview - close that second window to switch back to your filtered list of the interviews.

Regards, Sergiy

Thank you. But this only works in Chrome (Didn’t work in Safari). Also doesn’t work on laptops (without a mouse).

Also, because the list is not refreshed after every approval/rejection, you tend to click on the already seen interview.

Also requested for here: Keep filters when approving/rejecting interviews