Filtering options in a multi select yes/no question based on answers from another multi select yes/no question with same set of options

Dear support team,
I am looking for syntax help in writing a filter in options for multi-select yes/no type question based on the interviewer answers from another multi-select yes/no type question having same set of options. That is these are a series of sequential (with respect to time) questions to the respondent, asking information on various activities covered by him/her with time (the filter is needed to avoid duplication in answers for activities that are already covered at previous time event).

I tried with the following as the filter

for (int i = 0; i < hh_child_FC_details1.Yes.Length; i++)
    ((int?)@optioncode) != hh_child_FC_details1.Yes[i];

here, hh_child_FC_details1 is the multi-select question asking activity details about previous time event

From the error message, it is known that for expression is not allowed in SS. So, how to get the list of option codes selected as Yes in a multi-select question.



Answer: hh_child_FC_details1.Yes


Refer to Public example User questions and common patterns section “Tourism seasons” for an example of sorting months of a year into seasons, which solves a similar task.


The filter worked with the expression !hh_child_FC_details1.Yes.Contains(@optioncode)