Filtering based on GPS location data

We are preparing for our 2nd round of data collection. We are developing a pre-filled questionnaire.

We have GPS data for every household from the baseline. Is it possible to filter and show only the households in ~50 meters radius of the current GPS location?




If you’d need it for interviewer app, afaik this is not possible.

If needed when creating assignments, there is no such option, neither for the HQ nor for the Supervisor role.

For now, you can display those pre-filled GPS location only in the Map Report after the interview has been done. Indeed, it would actually be a nice feature for the future to be able to display Assignments on a Map. HQ/Supervisors could for example then draw shapes to select specific assignments that they would like to send to particular enumerators.

Work-around: Compute the distance between observations of your baseline data outside of Survey Solutions. (E.g. in Stata using geodist, for R users there are multiple packages, e.g. sp & rgeos). Create assignments for interviewers using this distance measure. If interviewer can conduct 3 interviews a day, assign one observation and the two nearest neighbors to a specific interviewer. Can be bit noisy but at least better than random assignments. Only works if you send assignments to interviewers directly.


It would be great to see all assignments on map, then filter it by role name and divide the role assignment according to colors. e.g. (assignment to interviewer - green, assignment to supervisor - blue).
This is key feature for us.
Do you know if you will implemet something like this in the future?