Filter single select outside HH roster

I to know the name of the respondent who answers a section that is outside of the household roster, the criteria is that they must be a spender. I was using the following to filter the answers:

but this gives me all members of the household. what am I missing

Hi, Neville,

you wrote:

The above expression is the answer to the question “Is there a spender in the household?” not “Is this person a spender?”.

Correspondingly, if the SpenderID is the status taking value 1 for spenders and 0 for non-spenders, the filter should be just:

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Thanks it worked, however I am using the same principle in another area of the questionnaire and the question is not being enabled there.

When using the online tester this question is not being enabled although the I have persons in the household aged over 14 (h1_3). I am not understanding what is going on for this case. I am thinking it will show me all persons over 14 years in this single select question.


Whether a question is enabled or disabled is controlled not by the filter (shown) , but by the enabling condition (which is not shown). So, can’t tell.

I figured out my enablement problem, I was using the wrong question for both the filter and the enablement. Thanks for the help.