Filter Linked Questions

Q1. Who suffer cough form your household?
HHMember Linked questions. (MA)

Q2. Who suffer most from your household?
HHMember Linked questions. (SA)

In Q2 I would like to show only answer HHMember in Q1.
Is there any Syntax for this filter option.

Currently, Survey Solutions does not have a simple way to implement what you are asking. We are constantly improving our functionality and soon these filtering will be possible.


Thanks for your support.
I found this solutions in public questionnaires.

This was a relatively old example prepared in the times when this implementation required existence of a roster. You can see it as a ‘fake’ roster in the example.

Note that since v20.04 this is no longer a requirement:

Filter in categorical questions linked to a list
Linked-to-list questions were earlier not allowed to have filters. This is now permitted. This is commonly needed when we need to do double screening, such as “Who is employed?" and then from the selected individuals only answer “Who has more than one job?" . Earlier this was possible only if there was a roster triggered by the members list, now such roster is no longer a requirement.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin