Filter interview

is it possible to filter interviews by more than 1 identifying question in interviewer app?
If not, do you think is it possible to add this feature in the future?

Same in map view.
Is it possible to filter map view at least by 1 identifying question?

Thank you.

I am not aware of this possibility, but if you find that the interviewers need to filter on several questions at the same time, they are probably overwhelmed with interviews. Storing more than what’s needed for a couple of days is generally a bad practice. Make sure the interviewers are sending the data out to the server.

We wanted to send interviews 1-3 months before have to be done. There could be about 200 interviews so we need to filter interview by number of week + one ID question. We want to change our current system (Blaise + Case management) and move to Survey solution, our current system is like that, thats why I asking.

Okay, i found a solution for it. Sorting by “number of week” will help me. I will set first ID question (number of week) and sorting by upcoming interview will be on the top.
Its a pity that map view of interviews cant be filtered, it`s really missing to me.
Thanks for answer.

this is a one more reason to believe even stronger that you should not do that. At most assign the sample to the supervisor and let him withhold those assignments until due time. Otherwise you are creating the unnecessary mess at the interviewer’s desktop.

I definitely see the use case for filtering and/or sorting interviews by some identifying attribute. For COVID-19 panel phone surveys, implementers want to:

  • Distribute all interviews for a 2-week data collection sprint in one go. Result: interviewers have lots of assignments. The alternative of just-in-time assignment provision requires too many transactions for the taste of most, and may be limiting if interviewers cannot reach any households in the small batch of assigned households and then must wait on HQ to release more work.
  • Interview in round N in roughly the same order as in round N-1. Since interview date from last round is often preloaded, interviewers could search or sort on this basis to more easily find households to call that fit the survey’s overall call sequencing protocol.
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