FIlter categories


is it possible to add option “Regular Expressions / diacritic sensitive” for filtering categoies in single-select combo box?
For example, when i want to find some country in Czech language, i have to write “Č” if i want to find “Čína”. If i start writing “C” i will not see Čína in filtered options.

Thank you

In the current version there is no such option. But, for the moment I can suggest you to include the non-diacritic version alongside the correct spelling:

  • Čína / Cina

this should deliver your anticipated user experience (the option will be found regardless whether the interviewer has access to the proper non-English keyboard).

I also commonly recommend including e.g.

  • United States of America / USA
  • United Kingdom / UK
  • Netherlands / Holland

for obvious reasons.

Hope this helps.