Filter answers for a multiselect question basing on another multiselect response

I want to ask my respondents the challenges they face in fish farming. so i have a long list of challenges they would select from. then I want them to rank five top most challenging problems they face from the selected challenges. How can I do this?

Hi there,

you already had the correct buzzword in the title: Filter the categorical options at your second question. See Syntax Guide: Filtered Answer Options. There is also a public example which you can find here.

In short: If your first question (Q1) is multi-select, add a filter to your second question:

> Q1.Contains(@optioncode)

Make sure that the categorical values (and their title) align.

You might also want to consider an enabling condition, to ask Q2 only if the respondent mentioned more than one (or more(?)) challenge they faced at Q1.

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Thank you so much peter_brueck. This has worked perfectly.