Fill in section once the entire survey

Is it possible to fill in a section once for the entire survey? i have a section on enumerator characteristic’s but i don’t want them to fill it in each time they are to interview someone. How do i go about this. I want them to fill it in once.

You may preload values to the questions during assignment creation.

That is a second survey. Survey Solutions can do multiple surveys (at the same time) and you can have a separate questionnaire for interviewers to collect their characteristics.

Thank you @sergiy for your response

Here is a possible alternative to separate questionnaires/surveys.
You could control this once-only section by a question “Have you filled out the Enumerator section before?”. And depending on the answer you enable the section or not.
We have done this in a building and housing survey to collect the building information only once and not repeatedly for each apartment.
Just another possibility…

Compared to the use of two questionnaires, I see only disadvantages and no advantages with this alternative. It relies on the two things you can never rely on:

  1. interviewer’s memory, and
  2. interviewer’s discipline.

I’d go with the two questionnaires, and if possible even delay the assignments on the main survey questionnaire until the interviewer questionnaire has been completed, verified and accepted, which is desirable if it collects the info necessary for paying the interviewers or scheduling their work (e.g. area of residence, willingness to travel to other areas, availability of a car/bike/other transport, etc).

Thank you @klaus and @sergiy