File name changed with version update

Hi guys,

We are having some issues with the version 22.09.1 of SuSo. When we export the data (tabular format) the name of one of the files changed compared to the one on the version 22.06.8 we have on another server.

The file in version 22.09.1 ​​has the name F2_A6_R3_Miembros and in version 22.06.8 the file name is F3_R2_Miembros. We would like to know if the name of the file changed because of the version update? Since this change is making us have problems with a system development.

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Hello @mcastillo ,

the name of the file should be the same as you typed in the Designer the ID for the roster, unless that roster is triggered by the same trigger as some other roster in the questionnaire, in which case the name of the first such roster shall prevail. First is assumed in the sequence of how the rosters occur in the Designer order.

Best, Sergiy

Does the other server have the same questionnaire, or is there a chance the questionnaire was edited between the two imports?

No, in both imports the questionnaire was the same.

Hello @mcastillo, does the new file name (produced by the new version of Survey Solutions) correspond to what it is supposed to be according to the above mentioned rule?

  • If yes, then it might be a side-effect of fixing something else that resulted in this being fixed also.
  • If no, then please reduce the questionnaire to a bare minimum, that is sufficient to reproduce the problem (perhaps two rosters and a trigger question), then import to the demo server, confirm the issue persists and share the link to the questionnaire details on the demo server.

Thank you and best regards, Sergiy

Hello @mcastillo ,

we could not reproduce the issue in our trials. The same questionnaire is exported with identical rosters naming. We also have not heard from anyone else to experience the same issue.

Do you have any additional information regarding what I’ve written above?

Thank you, Sergiy