Feedback system: A system to send general feedback, updates and reminders to the team and make sure that field members have received and read messages: Andreas

A user case, in GHS we discover common patterns and send out feedback and reminders to the whole team, some supervisors and interviewers. We keep an external excel to keep track of the messages send out, and at what date. We rely on NBS to make sure the messages reach the field. Having this in the software would help a great deal.

In the ideal world, at HQ (and maybe supervisor level) one can create individual information items (a message about one thing), assign them to either the whole team, selected supervisors or interviewers. The next time interviewers sync they get the messages displayed on their tablet and have to mark them as read. The next time they sync (maybe with a prompt to sync again at the end of the messages), a flag is sent back to the server that interviewer x has read the message. On the server there is a system where one can see which messages have been sent out to whom and when, and who has read them.

Messages could be text and maybe include a pictures, e.g. to make a reference to a consumption item.