Featured Feature: Global Note

Did you know that one of the easiest ways of communicating a message to your teams is by leaving a global note?

A global note is a text message that is displayed on top of the Survey Solutions server’s web pages for logged in users:

(the global note is visible on the blue background at the top).

Here are some properties of the global note:

  • only one global note can be left for any workspace, though they may differ between different workspaces;
  • global note does not appear until you are logged in as a user, which means it doesn’t appear on externally accessible pages (login screen) and doesn’t appear for web-respondents;
  • users are not notified by email or SMS-message when the global note is set or changed even if there is an email address or a phone number associated with a user account, instead, the global note will be shown to the users when they log in to the server;
  • global note is not pushed to the mobile devices (Interviewer and Supervisor Android Apps);
  • global note can be dismissed by the user on any page, but it will re-appear on the other pages he/she visits or on the same page if he/she returns back to it.

The users in the administrator role can leave it in the workspace settings:

And if the note already was posted, can revise or remove it in the same place.

The content of the global note can be any text, though if you plan to use it to notify the users specifically about server’s downtime, remember that the visitors will not see it when the server is actually down, so post such advisories early on, so that the message reaches the teams.

And the global note can even be posted (or edited/removed) from API calls! So you can automate notification of your teams about any news that can be relevant (scheduled training sessions, office closures, server downtime, etc):

You can read more about the other settings of the workspace that are available for administrators in this support page: Admin Settings.

What would you use the global note for?