Feature Suggestion: Improve clarity of entering list items in list questions

In the current usage when answering list questions, it is not clear enough that the items can be entered one by one in the app.

Having to press the ‘Done’ button on the keyboard before the second box appears does not flow smoothly enough to be instinctive.
The easiest way to ‘enter’ the item (like in a text answer) is to click into the next question’s response box.

Tapping outside the box doesn’t enter a list item and when the interviewer clicks to the next question, the app has scrolled on so they may not notice the second item opening up.

Too many times, I have noticed users entering items separated by a comma because the question looks exactly the same as a text question.
Even with trainings, rejected reviews and explicit interviewer instructions on the question itself, this keeps happening.

If the next list entry appeared as soon as text was entered in the current list entry, this would mitigate this risk significantly and make the flow much more clear as the user could click into that next text box to ‘enter’ the current list item.
Another option would be to have a ‘Done’ button on the right of the list entry so it can be clicked to enter an item and move to the next item.

Scott, I did not have this experience in the groups where I delivered the training. Make sure that you show every question type to the whole group watching, and explain how to register an answer, change it or clear it, and determine whether the question is answered and other similar tasks. Do not rely on the interviewers “guess” or “reverse engineer” the behavior of the controls from own experimentation.

With that the behavior looks clear. But if this is not sufficient:

  1. add an instruction text;
  2. add validation (error) on presence of comma;
  3. add validation (warning) on list being exactly 1 element long;
  4. during the training conduct the test entry and verify that the interviewers have entered the list correctly.

Changing the current behavior is thus unlikely, but in the future we will provide a different way of adding the items, such as household members, which hopefully, will make this issue obsolete.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Hey Sergiy,
I have done 1 and 4, with 4 having a good section devoted to how to list household members, list problems and list aspirations, but it has not proved sufficient when performing the actual survey after the training is done.

Thank you for the idea of a validation warning, that could help.

I disagree that you should not be able to rely on the user to intuit the behaviour of the controls. This is the basis for good UX design. The app as a whole has exceptionally good UX, it is easy and instinctual to use and I really admire the design. I just believe that the UX for adding items to lists could be improved.

I look forward to seeing this new way of adding items and if the rest of the app is anything to go by, I’m sure I’ll be impressed.