Fall back for barcode scan failure

When we have a barcode question, the interviewer can scan a barcode to enter the data from this barcode. In our experience, sometimes these barcodes may not be scannable (bad printing, faded, font too small etc). In such cases, if the barcode scanning fails, can there be a possibility of manually entering the value? (We have pre-printed barcode stickers with their value printed below the barcode for blood sample vials)

We tried using !IsAnswered(barcode) to enable another question. But this will lead to this question getting hidden only if the barcode question is answered and create more confusion for the interviewer.

You might have question with two options:

  1. Scan
  2. Manual input
    And than open subsequent corresponding question.

One of the idea of barcode scanning was not to enter something manually but only using barcode as a prof of being somewhere or getting something without passing information openly. Could be overpassed with other scanner but could make an obstacle for cheating.

But you are right, the could be a checkbox on Designer “Allow manual input for QR code” that controls this behavior and allows to do it on device.

We wanted to use barcodes for a survey that includes blood collection. We wanted to scan the sample vials to map them to the interview. The investigation reports could later be fetched and jointed with the correct interview. We have resorted to manual entry only. But this is a 16 digit number and we do see manual errors.

Would like this.