Fake data simulation

Hi there, is it anyway possible to fill in the questionnaire automatically with fake data (e.g. 1000 surveys), to check missing values for different variables and whether the skip patterns worked or not?

Use the ‘scenarios’ feature at the Designer to record a specific combination of inputs that turns the interview into a particular trajectory.

Hi sergiy, thank you so much! This seems very promising, since I have been entering manual answer myself and this is very time consuming and not optimal at all. Could you guide me a bit on how I could use this ‘scenarios’ feature? I understand there’s an alternative app “Survey Solutions Tester”? Should I start from there?

No, please start from reading the documentation about what the scenarios are and how to use them:

Hi Sergiy, I did read this document eventually, what I’m looking for is a way to fill in the questionnaire automatically with fake data (hundreds of times, as in a simulation) and check the database which is generated. As I understand, in the “Testing Scenarios” feature, I have to myself fill in the questionnaire, which is extremely time consuming with thousands of combinations. I don’t see how this could be helpful to my purposes (and how this differs from the simple “Test” function itself). If you have any recommendations, this would be very helpful. Thanks a lot!

This approach doesn’t check your questionnaire for 100%. Imagine, you have condition that opens some part of the questionnaire if the value is 10000. Do you want check cases from 0 to 10000? Only you know this case and you should use this knowledge to check it. Scenarios could partially help you to check some logic against updates but there could be a crucial change that brakes recorded scenario because the structure was changed. You may have several scenarios for different branches of questionnaire. We also recommend to test you final version of questionnaire before going to the field on the device with 100% data input.