Exporting Users out of Survey Solutions

Hi Survey Solutions. How can I export all users from the system to a csv file? I can then use a modified list of these users for a new survey. Can you assist me in doing that?

Hi Edwin,

Unfortunately there is no option to do this via GUI but you can use our API to get information about the users. https://demo.mysurvey.solutions/apidocs/index#/Users describes the syntax of the calls you’ll have to make.

I can try to build an example for you to follow.


Hi Zurab
The link you provided in your answer has denied access
My need is to get all user’s information for checking
Thanks in advance

Ah, it seems that the page anchors stop working :frowning: please visit the https://demo.mysurvey.solutions/apidocs/index.html page and scroll down to the Users section. This part allows you to get list of supervisors, and then under each supervisor, list of interviewers. Since then we have also added GraphQL-based endpoint to get list of all users - interactive query builder/explorer is available at https://demo.mysurvey.solutions/graphql/

To clarify, every Headquarters server would have its own url endpoint, so if your server is hosted at example.com, then you’d instead go to the url example.com/apidocs/ or example.com/graphql

These are corresponding REST and GraphQL endpoints against which you can issue web requests from your script/software, and would involve having basic knowledge of how to form a web request in the programing language you’re using.

There are several API clinets written by the community covering this and other API functionality for R, Python, Stata, Powershell, you may want to use those instead of rewriting from scratch. Searching API clients on this forum or on the documentation page should show you more info.