Exporting the QUESTIONNAIRE into excel

Is it possible to export the questionnaire into an excel format that keeps track of the variable name and variable labels.

[we have used question numbers “q1” as part or our variable names and now they do not correspond to the actual question number. ]

Thank you

Hello Garance and thank you for the question.

Survey Solutions exports in tab-delimited, Stata and SPSS formats.
While Stata and SPSS formats support embedding meta-data, such as variable labels, tab-delimited does not.
You can simulate the inclusion of variable labels by processing e.g. Stata dataset with Stata with the following code:

quietly ds
local vars "r(varlist)’"’
foreach v in vars' { label variablev’ "v’:::variable labelv’’"’
export excel “C:\TEMP\SERGIY\OUTPUT.XLS”, first(varlabels)

This will produce an XLS file with names in the first line combining the variable name and variable label (separated by ::), for example:
make::Make and Model price::Price mpg::Mileage (mpg) rep78::Repair Record 1978

If you have neither Stata, nor SPSS you can try R, or process the XML from the DDI export to retrieve the same.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin.