Exporting Questionnaires

Do questionnaires exported using the “approved by Headquarter” filter include “Approved by Supervisor” questionnaires ?

My report from the Surveys and Status say I have 115 in Approved by Supervisor" and 445 “Approved by Headquarters” however I have 385 rows of household data in “Approved by supervisor” and data and 445 in the household “Approved by headquarters” data.


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Dear Neville,

Would you please send to support@mysurvey.solution the name of the server you are using and the name of the questionnaire you are exporting.

We will try reproducing the issue you are describing. We will report back to you the results of our investigation.

Neville, the reports seen in the HQ are calculated in real time and always show the current state of the data stored at the HQ. But the data you are downloading may have been generated a while ago, hence it doesn’t necessarily agree with the report. It is stale data.

Kindly make sure that you regenerate the data export after the new interviews arrived, approvals are made or any actions taken that may change the statuses of interviews displayed in the report that you are referring to.

With that you should see the data agreeing to the results presented in the reports online.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin


Thanks for that advice Sergiy, I regenerated the data and got the correct number of records.

It is good to learn at least one new thing per day.



Dear Neville, I am glad that this has now been resolved. Best, Sergiy