Exported data / sqlite / vavalomi repo / post-analytics dash

Hi everyone,

I found a repo with python scripting (thats kind of outdated and i have some issues with the script because of that), for transforming exported data to sqlite:

original repo:

adapted repo:

the thing is, i think it works, but i got some the following issues with the sqlite version and keys (assignment__id) from table assignment__actions.

“sqlite3.IntegrityError: NOT NULL constraint failed: assignment__actions.assignment__id”

ok. the specific question is:

Zurab Sajaia (@vavalomi) is the creator of the repo

Since this scripting topic is quite specialized and closely tied to this forum, is it possible to reach out to the creator here in order to collaborate on script updates or modifications?

Has anyone else encountered the need to convert exported data into a SQLite format for post-analytics dashboards or analysis boards? If so, could you share your approach and how you handled this task?


I’ve seen people posting the downloaded data to Microsoft SQL Server DB, (but I was not part of the team/organization developing these tools).

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