Export working but fails to export! Urgent

Hi - we have been unable to export the data we collected since the beginning of our data collection few days ago (now paused until we solve this issue and are able to run checks on the data).

We are working off a local server (on aws). We checked out the section ‘Export service is working, but fails to export the data’ and adjusted the BaseUrl setting in the configuration file to make sure it corresponded to the actual placement of the server in IIS (including the port number). We also updated to the most recent version released and made sure the server is responding (HQ) and the export service is started (Healthy). Which is what we have been told by support to do. However, we are not sure what is next. It is still no working.

Do we have to restart the service? If so, is there a script or a way to do it?
Would any of this be putting the data already collected at risk?

Is the service running?
If so, WHAT specifically is not working?

Hi there. I just succeeded in downloading the data in tab format finally!
The stata format won’t work tho.

Please, update to the most recent version 20.06.
If the problem is still happening, please send the server logs to the support.