Export service is not available on local/cloud server installation

I have read the information from the previous thread on this topic. I have installed 20.05.2 (build 28471). However, I am getting an error when I go to the export page of my cloud server. It is saying “Export service is not available”.

In the appsettings.production.ini, I have a line pointing to my HQ site:


I do not understand why I am getting this error.

I guess this is setting is in HQ. It’s wrong.

For Export to properly work in local env You should have properly set HQ BaseUrl

# External URL that should be used by clients to access application. Do not append trailing / at the end


I guess this values are will correct one for setting file.
Here BaseUrl is tell HQ his public facing URL (used in email and for export service)
ExportServiceUrl - instruct HQ were is Export Service running - by default it on same Server running as Windows Service at port 5000

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Also you can check export service related article on support site https://support.mysurvey.solutions/headquarters/config/export-service

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Thanks all, much appreciated. The issue is resolved.