Export data with Sursol

Hello, could someone help me understand this error message when exporting a CAPI with sursol on stata.

sursol export Draft_xxx, server(“https://srvxxx.ugent.be”) user(cheick) password(Cheickpass) directory(“C:\Users\xxx\export”) stata

Hi @CheickAhmed,

I’ve developed Stata package sursol back in 2020 but haven’t maintained (nor used) it for quite some time.

Seems like something is weird with your timezone settings, as I just tried and can’t reproduce this issue.

As an immediate workaround, try to run it with option nocheck, i,e,

sursol export XXX, server(XXX) [...] nocheck 

that should circumvent the use of any datetime comparisons. If not, we can discuss on GitHub or in PM to get it fixed.

Please note: This package makes use of API endpoints that are going to be deprecated soon, so I’ll need to check if it makes sense to give it a complete overhaul. So I’d recommend to also have a look already at other API clients that are more elaborate and well maintained. For Stata this could be @sergiy’s susoapi package!