Export data to Google Spreadsheet

Dear SS,

Would it be possible to add an export feature that enables to publish the data on Google Sheet, i.e. to link the server to Google Spreadsheet in order to get a real time update of the incoming data?

An example of the suggested export option feature is here: https://docs.surveycto.com/05-exporting-and-publishing-data/03-publishing-data-to-the-cloud/02.forms-to-google-sheets.html

Many thanks

Google drive/Spreadsheet understands the tab-delimited data files exported from Survey Solutions directly without additional transformation required:

Yet the practicality of this is questionable. Consult Google sheets limits for reference.

Thanks for this input, Sergey.
I was looking for a way to automatically export the data from SS’s sever to google sheet. I think that it is feasible by linking the csv exported from SS with a Google sheet (using the Sheetgo add-on; cfr. https://www.sheetgo.com/).


I agree with Sergiy that the dev team will need to evaluate whether Google Sheets can always ingest what SuSo produces.

There are certainly external software tools that could help get this job done. In the R universe, there is a package for publishing to Google Sheets (see more here). In the Python universe (which I only know through quick Googling), there look to be tools too (here)

In other words, what you’re proposing could be done with the current features. But this would require some additional work for the end user/developer:

  1. Writing a script to automate SuSo data export
  2. Writing a script to post data to Google Sheets (e.g., using R or Python wrappers for Google Sheets API mentioned above)
  3. Creating/running a job to get export data (e.g., cron job/scheduled event to run a download script)

Emanuele, could you say more about why one would want/need to publish data to Google Sheets? Also, why target Google Sheets instead of other cloud storage options (e.g., Dropbox/OneDrive/etc. folder)? (For my part, I could see how this might be useful to have data easily accessible to several users/services–for example, dashboards–without needing to build up infrastructure.)

Also, are you looking for an API endpoint for the cloud export operations that exist in the GUI (here)?

Dear Arthur,

Your inputs are indeed helpful. As you suggest, the main reason for connecting the data to googlesheet is to get the observations as they are submitted to the server. This would allow to have a real time updated dashboard to monitor the field activities and flag some issues with key survey variables as they arise.