Export data in translated questionnaires

Good morning everyone,
I have a question regarding downloading the data of a translated questionnaire.

Initially I created a version of the questionnaire in english and then I translated it into french for the actual survey roll out.
For the translation I used the excel file downloaded from questionnaire design and then I have selected the translation file as the default option.

The interview has been carried out completely in french by all the interviewers, but at the time I go to export the data (download), the information in the dataset are all in english.

Is there a way to download the data in another language other than the initial questionnaire?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Eleonora,

the data is exported with labels in one language only - the one that you see in the interface of the Designer. There is no separate selection for the language of the data export.

(As a matter of fact, the variable labels specified in the interface are not even present in the translation excel file.)

Best, Sergiy

@sergiy, I think it would be great if there was an option to export data in a different language. Although the variable labels are not there in the translation file, the translation has options from the multiple choice questions.

Our questionnaire was designed in Marathi for collection. English was added as a second language for our convenience. We took care and wrote the variable labels in English in the original language. Now when we export, the variable labels are in English but the Options are in Marathi and not English.

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Dear Sergiy, @sergiy

Could you please confirm that it remains not possible to export the data (i.e., the labels) in a language other than the original one? We’re particularly interested in the *.do files.


I confirm that the current version of Survey Solutions exports data in main language only, even though multiple languages are available to enumerators during the data collection.

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@edf, @ashwinikalantri and @dnachev ,

the version 20.06 of Survey Solutions released today now contains this feature (export of data with the translated question texts and value labels.

See the full release notes for v20.06

Best, Sergiy

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Thats wonderful! This will be great help!