Export data from multiple questionnaires

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding downloading data. Is there a way to select multiple questionnaires and export the data all at once?

Many thanks!

No. Why do you have multiple questionnaires?

Is it possible to export data on a regular basis during the fieldwork?

Yes, you can write your own program that requests Survey Solutions to export the data at suitable times through the API.

To expand on Sergiy’s response:

  • There are a few threads on the forum that discuss (mostly R-based) programs for downloading data. Here’s one.
  • The other, low-tech but very convenient solution is to use the Data Export screen to download data. When you request data be exported, there’s an export request card generated. If you want to make the same request again, you simply need to click on those cards again (in lieu of formulating a new request via the drop-down menus). See this string for slightly more details.

I can use the data export functionality on the survey solutions HQ account as well right? for regular downloads