Export data api

Hello, I am trying to export the data, however I got the same error… please see the image. Thanks

I would recommend using susoapi package. SurveySolutionsAPI is less frequently updated and some functions may not work.

Hello, @ashwinikalantri I am having problems installing susoapi, any clue?. Thanks

I think a few dependancies were skipped, try installing the 14 packages (lubridate, tibble, rlang etc) before trying again. @arthurshaw2002 should be more help.

@Jaime , it’s really strange that the package dependencies were skipped during installation.

See more here on next steps.

Add to that a check where your R/RStudio is looking for (CRAN) package files: options('repos')

Hi @arthurshaw2002 solved thanks!..

Out of curiosity, how did you solve the problem? Feel free to answer either here or on the susoapi GitHub issue.