Export CAPI data with API R package susoapi

Hello, I would like to export the data of a server servey solution from R. I have used several packages from gitHub without success. With suso api devtools::install_github(“arthur-shaw/susoapi”) I can connect to the server with:


** server = “https://srvxxxx.ugent.be”,**
** workspace = “xxxxx”,**
** user = “myUser”,**
** password = “myPass”**

I can display the list of CAPIs with
all_questionnaires ← get_questionnaires()

On the other hand when I try to export by starting with :

** qnr_id = “6c723287-67f1-4397-9b3b-a8f96344aacb$1”,**
** export_type = “STATA”,**
** interview_status = “All”,**
** include_meta = TRUE,**
** )-> started_job_id**

I get the following error message:
In start_export(qnr_id = “6c723287-67f1-4397-9b3b-a8f96344aacb$1”, :
Export job not started.
Unknown error arose. HTTP code: 403.
Is this a restriction related to the server I am using? I specify that it is a server of the university within the framework of the project.
Is there a solution to fix this?
Thanks in advance.

Is your user an API user?

If so, please post an issue on GitHub here so that this doesn’t get lost.

If not, use an API user. While some API endpoints work for HQ user credentials, most require API user credentials.