Export bug: answers and closed questions exported as .a

Hi Survey Solutions Team

We found a bug that was introduced with 18.11. The server is nlss

  1. Some answers to numeric questions are exported as .a despite having a value entered and beineg enabled. Example: in interview 57-82-35-32 (qnr REPLACEMENT_NLSS_HH [ver.5], the value for question 17a. in section 14 is 3,000, but it is exported as .a.

  2. Some disabled answers are exported as .a instead of . Example, in interview 69-12-87-44 question 17 in section 2 for Hope Essiet is closed, but the value exported is .a. Actually most of section 2 is exported in this interview file as .a, both enabled and disabled questions.

There are quite a lot of cells with wrong .a values. I cannot recognize a pattern (yet). At least in the first example, the file/interview was not touched in the past few weeks.

Please let me know if you need more details.

We are working on this case. It looks like Tabular Format doesn’t have this problem.
Can you use them as a workaround for now?

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What formats have this problem and is it only 18.11?

Thanks Slava, good suggestion. I am updating my do-files to optionally allow tab files as inputs. It stumbles on another, small unrelated bug, will report separately.

What formats have this problem and is it only 18.11?

Scott, we only saw it from 18.11. 18.10 was unaffected.