Export ALL not working

User Livia Alfonsi has sent us the following question:

I am failing to export all my interviews. I have A assignment in total that I created (which I see if I go on assignment). They are all assigned to an interviewer. B of them have been completed (and are either complete or approved or rejected). I only manage to download these B. I tried downloading in all the format, downloading “all”, downloading pieces of it etc. but I cannot ever get more that B. … What could be happening? Thanks!

In her email A and B are two specific integer numbers with B less than A.

The export file coming out from Survey Solutions contains data from interviews, not from assignments, which are different documents. So if there are B interviews in the interviews page, so many records will be in the exported data. Once the interviewers get the other assignments processed and sent to the server, it will be exporting the rest (A-B) interviews.

Export ALL refers to the status of interview. Correspondingly everything works normally.

Hope this helps.
Best, Sergiy.