Expert in Survey Solution to design CAPI application for data collection


The World Bank is providing support to government of Romania in piloting of the data collection for disability assessment reform. A pilot individual survey will be carried out from May 2022 to May 2023. The survey will include several modules and collect ancillary and medical information about participating individuals. The team is looking for an experienced expert in Survey Solution to design CAPI application for data collection and support the client with the use of the developed solution during March-April 2022.


  1. Development of user flows and Implementation of electronic version of questionnaire modules in Survey Solutions
  2. Propose and implement data validation rules and filers
  3. Setting up backend and databases structure and support with survey management modules
  4. Help with database creation and anonymization
  5. Test the data collection tools
  6. Support in installation of the survey solution server applications on a client’s remote server
  7. Providing training, guidance on the developed package to the client
  8. Provide necessary support during data collection stage


· Proven experience in developing CAPI application in Survey Solutions Software
· Knowledge of Statistical Software in statistical programming (i.e. in Stata, SPSS, R, Python)

please send your CV to the e-mail address - - by February 28 at the latest.