Excluding one option from the roster

I have a scenario where an employees roster gives the answer options for a question like:
“which other employee do you work with on this process?”.

Is there a way that I can exclude from these options the respondent? (so to exclude the case in which the enumerator selects that the worker is working with himself)

Assuming your “which other employees” question is a linked question, write an expression in the filter condition that describes employees that are valid choices–or, in your case, an expression that describes what valid answers are not :

To exclude the current employee from the choice of “other employees”, write something like this:

@optioncode != @rowcode

The @optioncode part of this expression refers to the value of the answer option. The @rowcode part references the current employee’s row code (which is also the value of their option code for a linked question).

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You can add a linked to roster question with the following filter:
@rowcode != @current.@rowcode

Filters for linked to roster questions iterates through all roster instances and run the filter against each instance to filter out not applicable ones. Every roster has @rowcode property that stores a code of the roster, read more here. Special variable @current refers to the roster for which system calculates options right now, read more here.

Example questionnaire

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Arthur, this advice is incorrect. One will get an error message:
[WB0110]:Filter expression has a syntax error.

The @optioncode makes sense only in the context of a categorical question, not a linked categorical question.

See Slava’s advice