Exchange information with other apps

User Maria Helena Palmer Lima has sent us the following question:

Can your interviewer app be made to exchange information with our own apps?

I don’t know how to answer this. If anyone has any examples, please help Maria Helena.

I don’t know of any way for Interviewer to exchange data with another app on the same device.
But people have asked me about this capability in the past. Use cases are getting data from a sensor connected to the tablet or an app retrieving data from some web server or a local database.

So, I believe this could be a useful capability. I have one idea how it could be implemented in a very basic way:

Provide a text file on the device which can be read and also cleared by the Interviewer app.
Another app can then write to that area (say, a sensor reading) and Interviewer can read this area, for example through a new question type “Read external data” and subsequently clear the area.
The answer to such an external data question could then be either the text written by the other app, or an empty string.