Exceeded Number of Rosters?

Is this error a bug?
[WB0261]:Questionnaire contains rosters with total number of roster instances exceeding the system limits. This is the link to my questionnaire:


Dear Edwin,

thank you very much for reporting the issue. We are currently investigating.

Sincerely, Sergiy

Dear Edwin,

your questionnaire contains roster PERSONS triggered by a numeric question and containing nested rosters. During estimation of the total number of items in all rosters Survey Solutions pessimistically estimates the number of items in the numeric question resulting in an overshoot of the total items limit.

Since in practice the number of family members will not be large, you can change the type of the trigger to a different one, such as a text list, where you can specify a practical limit, e.g. 25.

This measure protects the system from design errors resulting in questionnaires that expand uncontrollably resulting in a loss of stability.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin