Error while exporting data

Hi, there, how do i solve the error below while exporting data. How do i solve this?

If I were in a situation like this, I would probably read the error message carefully first. It hints that the application log files may somehow be helpful in the process of resolving this error. I would then rush to the log files folder to get them and scout for details.

Second, I would probably search for the wording of the error message in this forum, realizing I may not be the one and only being in such a situation. I am certain that I would have found a lot of results indicating that this message has no information about the nature of the problem, and additional information is required. Hence I would realize that the step 1 is indeed instrumental.

Third, I would check my software version and check whether there is a newer version available, hoping that it may be solving my particular problem. Your own server reminds you about it: